Blisters don't just happen, you'll feel pain before they appear. If you feel pain in the skin of your feet while you're exercising, take off your shoes and look for a cause. Usually, your socks will be wrinkled or your shoes won't fit properly. If it's your socks, straighten the wrinkle. If it's your shoes, take them off. Wetness causes skin to stick to anything that rubs against it. Adding powder to the toes of your socks can help to keep your feet dry. It doesn't matter whether it's corn starch, anti-fungal powder or baby powder.

If you still develop blisters, try to soften the shoe where it rubs against your skin. Dab mineral or bath oil on the spot on the shoe that rubs against your foot, and stretch the shoe. If you still develop blisters, buy a new pair of shoes. If you're too frugal to throw away shoes, try putting a piece of adhesive tape on the spot on your skin where the shoe rubs.

March 1, 2006

Checked 9/28/08

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