Prevent Memory Loss with Exercise

Dementia with aging is associated with every risk factor for heart attacks: smoking, overweight, lack of exercise, high blood pressure and cholesterol, abdominal obesity, diabetes, kidney damage, eating too much saturated fat, refined carbohydrates and calories, not eating enough vegetables, and so forth. A study from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland showed that if you don't want to lose your mental function with aging, you should start and stay on a vigorous exercise program (Neurology, October 2006).

Four hundred and sixty survivors of the Scottish Mental Survey of 1932 were tested on the same general memory tests at age 11 and again at age 79. They also were tested at age 79 for their level of physical fitness by having tests for grip strength, 6- meter walk time, and lung function. Those who had the highest scores for physical fitness also had the highest scores for mental function. They also found that those with the highest IQ at age 11 had the best lung functions at age 79, which may mean that intelligent people are more likely to stay in shape. This study adds to the evidence that physical exercise protects your brain.

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Checked  4/20/19

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