Running to Improve Performance in Other Sports

If you want to improve in baseball, football, basketball or hockey, learn to run faster. To run fast in competitive sports, you have to run fast in practice and lift heavy weights to become stronger. Run a series of short fast sprints with a short rest between each. Do resistance exercises because stronger muscles drive you forward with more force.

No coach should ever require players to run sprints at the end of every practice or lift heavy weights more often than twice a week. Every time you run fast or lift heavy, your muscle fibers are damaged and feel sore on the next morning, and take at least 48 hours to heal. If you try to run fast or lift heavy when your muscles feel sore, you are at increased risk for tearing them and not being able to play at all. In the preseason, knowledgeable coaches have their players scrimmage hard and run sprints on one day, then practice plays and take it easy on the next. During the season, they play so often that players should not be asked to do much additional hard training.

Checked 9/29/08

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