Sacroiliitis (Back Pain): Treat with Exercise

Move your hands from the top of your pelvis at your sides around to your back where you will feel a bump just to the side of your spine. That's the sacroiliac joint, where your pelvic bones attach to your spine. If it hurts to touch that spot and when you bend forward or backward, you probably have sacroiliitis.

An interesting study from San Diego showed that special exercise can help to treat sacroiliitis. This research shows that people with sacroiliitis have an overactive gluteus muscle in the buttocks below that painful joint and an overactive latissimus dorsi muscle in the back above the sacroiliac joint on the other side. Special rotary exercises that strengthen the latissimus dorsi on the other side and leg press exercises that strengthen the gluteus muscle on the same side were effective in controlling back pain in the sacroiliac joint.

If you have pain in your sacroiliac joint, your doctor or a physical therapist can give you instructions for the proper way to do these exercises.

How to exercise with back pain

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Checked 2/9/17

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