Lifting Weights for Bone Strength

If a woman lives long enough, she can expect to become osteoporotic. If she breaks her hip from osteoporosis, she has a 20 percent chance of dying from complications within the year. A woman's bones are strongest when she is 20. After that, she loses bone continuously for the rest of her life. The stronger and larger her bones are when she is younger, the stronger they will be when she is older.

A study from Texas Women's University in Denton showed that lifting weights during adolescence can help prevent osteoporosis when women are older (Journal of Pediatrics, 2001, Vol 139, Iss 4, pp 494-500).  Lifting weights when a woman is young enlarges her bones and makes them stronger. All women can gain bone by lifting weights at any age. Just exercising will not strengthen bones; female marathon runners who stop menstruating develop horrible osteoporosis , in spite of their prodigious running. To help build bone, exercise must be done against resistance.  See Lifting Weights Makes Bones Stronger

Checked 9/3/19

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