Limit Fat and Refined Carbohydrates to Lose Weight

A study from City College of New York showed that after eating a fatty meal, obese people produce more insulin than thin people do. Blood insulin levels of thin and obese people rise equally high after eating refined carbohydrates. Unlike thin people, obese people have a high rise in insulin after eating a fatty meal. Insulin affects the brain to make a person hungry so he eats more.

If further studies confirm this finding, people who tend to be overweight should avoid both fatty meals which bring out higher insulin levels in obese people and refined carbohydrates meals that bring out the highest blood insulin levels in both obese and thin people. That means that a person who is trying to lose weight should reduce intake of fat found in fatty meats, chicken, dairy products, oils, margarines, fried foods and fatty bakery products and refined carbohydrates in sugar added foods, bakery products and pastas.

DP Speechly, R Buffenstein. Appetite dysfunction in obese males: evidence for role of hyperinsulinaemia in passive overconsumption with a high fat diet. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2000, Vol 54, Iss 3, pp 225-233.

Checked 8/3/13

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