Soft drink manufacturers tell you less than the truth when they claim that they add caffeine to soft drinks to make them taste good.

Almost all people can tell the difference between a soft drink that contains sugar and one that contains an artificial sweetener such as saccharin or Aspartame sold as Equal. However, a study from Johns Hopkins showed that only eight percent of people can taste whether caffeine is in a soft drink, so taste has nothing to do with the caffeine that is added to many brands of soft drinks. Manufacturers add caffeine because it alters mood and causes physical dependence, so people can't stop drinking them. Adding caffeine increases sales.

Most athletes use caffeine to improve performance. I believe that caffeine is good when you exercise, and may be harmful if you don't exercise. RR Griffiths, EM Vernotica. Is caffeine a flavoring agent in cola soft drinks? Archives of Family Medicine, 2000, Vol 9, Iss 8, pp 727-734 Address Griffiths RR, Johns Hopkins Univ, Sch Med, Dept Psychiat, Behav Pharmacol Res Unit, 5510 Nathan Shock Dr, Baltimore,MD 21224 USA 0.1mg/ml of caffeine

Checked 3/13/12

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