Many years ago, researchers at Harvard School of Public Health asked thousands of doctors and nurses to enter a study analyzing dietary factors that cause heart attacks. Each new report of the findings from these studies shows that the people at low risk for heart attacks eat lots of vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grains and fish. Those at high risk eat the typical ''western pattern diet" loaded with red meat, processed meat, refined grains, sweets and desserts, fried foods and high-fat dairy products.

For most North Americans, the biggest obstacle to healthful eating is learning how to substitute whole grains for white flour and other refined grains. You can buy barley, brown rice and wild rice at almost all supermarkets, and many other whole grains are available at specialty stores. Whole grains are cooked just as you would cook rice or pasta, but they take longer. A rice steamer or countertop electric steamer makes the job easy. For each cup of dry grains, use three or four cups of water, add bouillon cubes or granules for extra flavor, and cook until they are tender. Drain off the excess liquid and use them just as you would use pasta or rice. They can be stirred into soups, topped with your favorite sauce or chili, or used in salads. Or serve warm with raisins or cinnamon as a filling breakfast cereal. See reports #N236 and #8614.

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Checked 5/3/07

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