Television infomercials promote machines that turn healthful fruits and vegetables into less healthful juices.

You can't improve on the quality of a food by extracting something from it. Protein supplement pills are not more healthful than the milk or tuna that was used to make them. An orange is more healthful than its juice because it contains more than ten times as much fiber that helps to lower cholesterol, reduce weight, prevent constipation and gall bladder disease and may even help to prevent colon cancer. The average North American gets only 11 out of the required 35 grams of fiber per day.

Juicing won't help you to lose weight. A glass of orange juice contains twice as many calories and 1/10th as much fiber as an orange. Juice raises blood sugar levels more quickly than the whole fruit because the fiber has been removed, leaving primarily sugar and water. There is no particular health advantage to turning fruits and vegetables into juices, and if you don't get enough fiber in your diet, it's a big disadvantage.

If you must use a juice machine, get the type that is like a strong blender and does not remove anything. If your juicer removes pulp for you to discard, you are losing valuable nutrients and fiber.

Juices are not Health Foods

Checked 3/13/12

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