Being fat was considered beautiful until the last fifty years. Cleopatra was five feet tall and weighed more than 150 pounds. The love godesses of the ice ages were all grossly obese, and Rubens and Titian never would have painted skinny women.

Food was scarce until the twentieth century, so people who were obese in times of hardship were desirable because there were fewer of them. When food became abundant, more people became fat. Skinniness became less common and more desirable.

In prehistoric times, the men would go hunting and be gone for several days. The biggest and strongest men would usually be the best hunters, so they would get the most meat and they would also be the fattest. The women would be left at the camp and have to go for days without food. Fat is stored energy. When the men returned, the women who were the best fat storers would have the most energy. The men would give the most meat to the women who had the most energy to satisfy their needs and give them the most favors. So the fattest women would get the most food from the fattest men and the fattest of each sex would have the most children.

Checked 5/3/07

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