A jury awarded an Alaskan woman 13.3 million dollars because they felt that she suffered a stroke after taking a weight loss product called AMP II Pro drops, that contains a very popular stimulant and weight loss drug called ephedrine. This is the second trial. The first jury said the company was innocent because they felt that there is no solid scientific evidence that ephedrine caused the stroke, and they were correct. However, the second jury was shown the incredible and strange behavior of the men who run E'Ola Company that sold the ephedrine weight loss product.

The company advertised that their AMP II weightless product is "All Natural." This claim implies that the product is good, better than products that are synthesized in a laboratory, yet arsenic, cyanide and horse manure are also "All Natural." This particular "all natural" weight loss product contained synthetic ephedrine, which means that someone is not telling you the truth.

Both the founder and president to the company testified that they were not aware of any serious side effects from their weigh loss product, and had not had trouble with any state of federal agency. The Food and Drug Administration had already cited the manufacturer of the ephedrine product for improper manufacturing technique and had also informed the company of the many side effects from its product. The jury was not given any evidence that they changed their product or their advertisements to satisfy the Food an Drug Administration.

An article in a recent New England Journal of Medicine showed that some people get strokes after taking ephedrine, but it is still debatable whether ephedrine causes strokes or the people who take weight loss drugs are more likely to get strokes because they are overweight, have diabetes and have high blood pressure. You can't say that ephedrine causes strokes because the people who take this drug are far more likely to suffer strokes, whether they take ephedrine or not. I think that the jury justifiably found the company and its officers guilty because they were so irresponsible in marketing their products, and they lied when they told the jury that they knew of no serious side effects and had no trouble with federal or state agencies.

Checked 5/3/07

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