A study in Circulation shows that drinking two glasses of green tea a day opens arteries to help prevent heart attacks.

This study is supported by many other studies showing that people who drink green tea have a reduced incidence of heart attacks. Since black tea is made by fermenting green tea leaves, you would think that green tea and black tea would be the same, and they may be. But almost all studies on tea preventing heart attacks have been done with green tea, probably because entrepreneurs who sell green tea pay for the studies.

Both green and black tea contain potent antioxidants; flavinoids, polyphenols and catechins, that block cox-2 enzymes that cause clots and blocked arteries. Scientists do not recommend tea to prevent heart attacks yet because there may be other variables; tea drinkers may have fewer heart attacks because they are usually more educated and have healthier life styles.

Circulation, July 10, 2001. 2) Proceedings of the National academy of Sciences April 1, 1999.

Checked 5/3/07

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