Some people claim that a person can lose a lot of weight just by drinking cold liquids, but their math is wrong.

Look carefully at the formula used to justify this claim and you will see that the calculations use calories (the unit of energy, which is written with a small c). Calories listed for the foods you eat are actually kcal, 1000 calories, written with a large C.

The calculation is supposed to show that you use a large amount of calories to heat up the cold drink in your stomach, and the calories that you lose come from burning fat from your body. However, to see the actual food equivalent of the energy used, you must divide these calculations by one thousand. The result is so small that it's ridiculous to claim that a person will lose weight by drinking cold beverages or eating cold foods. If you want to lose weight, you need to exercise more or eat fewer calories.

Checked 4/3/13

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