Recommended Cookbooks

Low-Calorie Cookbooks Cookbooks that focus on "diet" food often have boring, flavorless recipes, so they don't usually impress me. These three exceptions are at the top of my recommended list. While you may still have to make some modifications to meet my guidelines, these books consistently deliver delicious, easy recipes and are extremely well-written.

Specific Foods or Food Groups I like cookbooks that teach me more about the foods we should eat, so several of my favorites dwell on whole grains, vegetables, seafood, beans or fruits. Here's the cream of the crop.

Ethnic Cuisines Grains, beans, vegetables and lots of spices are the traditional ingredients for cuisines from all of the hot climate regions of the world. That's why I love eating, and cooking, foods from southeast Asia, India, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and the tropical islands. I'm an armchair traveller, too, so these cookbooks are the most fun to read!

Favorite Cookbook Authors Some authors deliver such consistently good books that I buy any new cookbooks they write.

Books by Dr. Gabe Mirkin with recipes by Diana Mirkin

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