Studies from Rotterdam in the Netherlands and Vancouver in Canada show that Viagra is not a sexual stimulant in women. The penis is the only gland in the body that has its blood supply shut off by tight muscles squeezing its artery. An erection occurs when the muscles relax to let blood flow through to the balloons in the penis. Viagra relaxes the muscles that surround the penile artery to let blood flow to the penis. It does the same thing for women.

One hundred percent of vaginal lubrication comes from the blood. So Viagra increases blood flow to the pelvic organs and allows far more of the blood to seep through blood vessels to increase vaginal secretions. So Viagra can help women who do not lubricate when excited. However, these two recent studies show that Viagra does not increase desire or pleasure. The male hormone, testosterone, does that.

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Checked 9/5/05

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