A study from Finland shows that women who eat fermented milk products such as yogurt, or berry fruits juices, are far less likely to suffer urinary tract infections than women who do not eat these foods.

The authors reasoned that most urinary tract infections in women are caused by bacteria in the intestinal tract, and that certain foods may change the bacteria in stool and prevent urinary tract infections. They propose that live bacteria in yogurt would replace the bad bacteria in the intestinal tract and make them less likely to move into the vagina and then to the bladder. They also reasoned that many berries contain chemicals that inhibit the growth of some intestinal bacteria. Since this is new information, we have to wait to see if other studies confirm these findings.

Dietary factors protecting women from urinary tract infection. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2003, Vol 77, Iss 3, pp 600-604. T Kontiokari, J Laitinen, L Jarvi, T Pokka, K Sundqvist, M Uhari. Kontiokari T, Univ Oulu, Dept Pediat, POB 5000, FIN-90014 Oulu, FINLAND

Checked 9/5/05

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