The largest study yet shows that women who eat meat, eggs and other animal protein are not at increased risk for breast cancer. Several previous studies show that women who have breast cancer are more likely to eat animal protein than women who do not have breast cancer. However, this type of study has a high degree of bias recall. Women who suffer from cancer are far more likely to blame any activity on their cancer than women who do not have that disease.

To get around this prejudice, the Nurses' Health Study asked women about their diets and then followed them for years to see which women ultimately developed breast cancer. This study, the largest prospective study yet, shows no association between eating meat and breast cancer. Almost 89,000 healthy, middle-aged women were followed for 18 years, and those who ate meat, chicken and eggs were not at increased risk for breast cancer.

March 20, 2003 International Journal of Cancer

Checked 9/5/05

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