High Estrogen Makes a Woman Appear Young

This report has been updated with current information on estrogen therapy. Although this study confirms that naturally-occurring high estrogen levels help a woman to look youthful, GIVING estrogen for this purpose is no longer recommended because of the association of estrogen therapy with increased risk of cancer.

Researchers in Chile reported that having high blood levels of estrogen makes a woman look younger. Physicians estimated the age of all women 35 to 55 years of age who entered a gynecology clinic in Chile. They then drew blood levels of estradiol, the most potent female hormone in the body. They showed that blood levels of estrogen were directly related to the difference between a woman's estimated age and her real age. In other words, the higher her estrogen level, the younger she looked.

Lancet, page 224 July 17, 1999;354:224 Checked 12/9/13

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