How to Prevent Vaginal Infections

The best way to avoid vaginal infections is to avoid putting anything in the vagina. A fascinating study in the Journal of Infectious Diseases shows that a change in normal vaginal bacteria and vaginal infections can be caused by cleaning the vagina with the fingers, wiping the vagina, or inserting anything(1). When a gynecologist examines a woman, he or she routinely checks under a microscope for clue cells, vaginal cells that have bacteria stuck on their surface. Women with clue cells are at high risk for venereal diseases.

Previous studies show that douching with anything including just plain water increases risk for vaginal infections. Another study from the University of Washington confirms the first study showing that women who use contraceptive jellies or cervical caps or diaphragms with contraceptive jellies, had higher than normal levels of intestinal bacteria in their vaginas that markedly increased their risk for vaginal infections. Women who used birth control pills were not at increased risk. The vagina is best left alone.  Also see Yeast Infections and Chronic Vaginitis

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Checked 9/13/18

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