Can You Enlarge Your Breasts?

Don't waste your money on creams that are supposed to enlarge your breasts. Eighty-five percent of a woman's breast is fat, so the only way to make your breasts significantly larger is to make you fatter, but most women don't want to gain weight. The female hormone, estrogen, stimulates breast fat to grow, but no one recommends using estrogen to try to grow breasts because it could cause cancer. A woman whose body does not produce adequate amounts of estrogen may have her breasts enlarged by taking more estrogen, even in a cream; but estrogen cream will not grow larger breasts a woman with normal levels.

Since breasts do not contain muscles, they cannot be enlarged by exercising, but a you can do exercises to enlarge the pectoralis muscles underneath the breasts. This can push the breasts slightly forward and may make them appear larger. You can use a weight machine called a pec dec, where you sit with your elbows bent in front of you and bring your elbows together while pressing against resistance. Start with one set of ten, gradually increase to three sets of ten, and when that becomes easy, increase the weight.

Checked 10/19/17

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