A study from France shows that giving DHEA to postmenopausal women, thickened their bones and skin and increased their interest in making love (1). DHEA is the male hormone produced by the adrenal glands or men and women. Another study from the University of Texas in San Antonio shows that DHEA can help to treat impotent men (2). And a third study from France shows that 50 mg per day of DHEA can be given safely to 60 to 80 year old women.

Blood levels of DHEA drop with aging (3), but nobody has shown that the drop in DHEA causes aging. 60 to 80 year-old women and men taking DHEA had normal blood levels of DHEA and thicker skins and bones. DHEA has been shown in previous studies to increase interest in lovemaking in premenopausal women who had low blood levels of DHEAS and lack of desire (4). It has also been shown to increase strength in younger men who lift weights, but there is no data to show how much can be taken safely and not harm a person. The authors recommend that low doses of DHEA be approved for treatment of loss of libido, so women with decreased libido can get a safe and regulated dose of this hormone, rather than having to go to health food stores and get unregulated products that may be labeled DHEA and contain no DHEA whatever.

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Reported 10/10/00

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