Does Exercise Make Breasts Sag?

Women do not need to wear bras during exercise because exercise does not cause breasts to sag. Breasts are held in place by ligaments that go from the skin through fat to muscles underneath the breast. Intermittent stretching during exercise does not stretch out skin or ligaments. Most breast tissue is fat, so when most women exercise, they lose fat and their breasts become smaller, which can make them appear to sag.

Most small-breasted women prefer exercising without bras. Most average-breasted women prefer bras with support. No bra is ideal for all women. If a woman wants to wear a bra, she should choose one that is loose enough to let her breathe comfortably, and tight enough to keep the breasts from bouncing. Bras should not have bones or wires that dig into the skin. Since women don't need to wear a bra during exercise, they should wear them only if they want to.

Checked 8/23/18

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