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Orlistat has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration to help people lose weight. Although the weight loss is not very great, it has far greater potential to help lower cholesterol and prevent heart attacks.

Orlistat blocks enzymes that help you absorb fat, so that only 2/3rds of fat in the intestines is absorbed, while 1/3d will pass from your body and can cause bloating, cramping and fatty leakage (1,2). It also can rob you of fat-soluble vitamins, ADE and K. You can prevent these side effects by severely restricting your intake of fat and taking extra vitamins A,D and E by eating huge amounts of yellow, orange and green vegetables, and whole grains, beans, seeds and nuts instead of bakery products, and by exposing your skin to sunlight on a regular basis.

In one study, people who took Orlistat plus a low fat diet lost 19.3 pounds, while those who only dieted lost 12.8 pounds. I do not believe that this minimal weight loss is worth the $3.30 per day that the manufacturer will charge. The manufacturer, Roche, has already done studies showing that the combination of cholesterol lowering drugs plus Orlistat is safe and highly effective in lowering cholesterol (3).

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Reported 6/20/99; Checked 7/31/07

May 29th, 2013
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