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December 26, 2010
Being Slightly Overweight Shortens Life
How can you tell if you have frostbite?
How can I get the most fitness benefit from my daily walk?

Reports: Knee replacements, slow lifting, hepatitis C

December 19, 2010
Exercising on an Empty Stomach Can Both Prevent and Treat Diabetes
What can I do about painfully cold fingers?
Follow-up on finger length and testosterone

Reports: Meaning of fitness, insomnia, back pain

December 12, 2010
Aspirin to Reduce Cancer Risk?
Should all prostate cancers be treated?
Does air pollution increase risk of heart attacks?

Reports: Type O blood, foods for strength, chronic fatigue

December 5, 2010
Calcium and Vitamin D Pills Questioned
What's the best kind of exercise for a diabetic?
How could finger length predict prostate cancer risk?

Reports: Diet for heart health, restless legs, corns and calluses

November 28, 2010
Children Can Lift Weights at Any Age
What's wrong with having more than two drinks per day?
Can a diabetic be harmed by taking glucosamine?

Reports: Late menopause, calcium, skin spots

November 21, 2010
Air Conditioning Helps Recovery
Is it safe to use ice on sore muscles?
Can hair turn grey overnight?

Reports: Bunions, back pain, exercise after eating

November 14, 2010
Ice Delays Recovery from Injuries
How does air temperature affect training?
Are protein-sugar drinks better than those with just sugar?

Reports: Increasing stride length, running form, measuring calories

November 7, 2010
Danger of Swimming in Warm Water
I get lots of sun; how can I have low vitamin D levels?
Are sports gels the best source of energy during competition?

Reports: Hot flushes, athletic supporters, bad breath

October 31, 2010
Intervals to Improve Both Endurance and Speed - Special Issue
How long should you rest between intervals?
How can you tell if you are overtraining?

Reports: Irritable bowel syndrome, angioplasty or bypass?, fatty liver

October 24, 2010
Why You Need Interval Training for Both Speed and Endurance
Should I take prednisone for my rheumatoid arthritis?
Does having low testosterone cause heart attacks?

Reports: PSA, chronic stuffy nose, legumes

October 17, 2010
Taking Sugar When You Exercise Is Good for You
Do women sweat less than men?
Can you take too many fish oil pills?

Reports: Sweating, hepatitis C, exercise before bedtime

October 10, 2010
Why Sugar Can Shorten or Lengthen Your Life
Why do I get painful belly cramps after a workout?
Do I need to protect my skin from sunlight in winter?

Reports: Skin cancer, calories burned, antacids

October 3, 2010
Lifestyle More Important than Genes for Longevity
Are low-carbohydrate diets harmful?
Are the health claims for pomegranate juice valid?

Reports: Sleepy after eating, heel pain, sweating

September 26, 2010
Emergency Resuscitation
Can strength training improve performance in endurance sports?
How can I reduce my risk for breast cancer?

Reports: Exercise drinks, coenzyme Q10, low blood sugar

September 19, 2010
How Exercise Prevents Disease and Prolongs Life
Should I avoid high fructose corn syrup?
Which lifestyle factors prolong life?

Reports: Testosterone, potassium, prostate cancer & cycling

September 12, 2010
Cycling Does Not Cause Bone Loss
Are athletes stopping the use of banned drugs?
Does intense exercise control diabetics' blood sugar?

Reports: Alcoholism, brittle nails, colon cancer

September 5, 2010
How Exercise Prolongs Life by Making You Stronger
How does drinking fruit juice increase risk for heart attacks?
Should I avoid sunlight to prevent skin cancer?

Reports: Nighttime urination, reactive arthritis, dark spots

August 29, 2010
How Sugar During Exercise Makes You Faster and Stronger
Why have so many former world-class athletes died of heart attacks?
Does stretching help to prevent injuries?

Reports: Eczema, multiple warts, water in hot weather

August 22, 2010
You Don't Have to Lift Very Heavy Weights
What causes osteoarthritis?
Should I avoid red meat completely?

Reports: Gas, awkward running form, exercise for arthritis

August 15, 2010
Methionine Restriction to Prolong Life?
What pacing strategy should I use for races in hot weather?
Should I avoid foods that are high in cholesterol?

Reports: Vitamin B12, carpal tunnel, unexplained weight loss

August 8, 2010
Don't Depend on Maximum Heart Rate Formulae
Is a high sugar/protein meal immediately after a hard workout unhealthful?
How can calcium pills increase heart attack risk?

Reports: Enlarged prostate, artificial sweeteners, body odor

August 1, 2010
Lack of Vitamin D Weakens and Injures Muscles
What can I do when my job requires long hours of sitting?
How do you treat muscle pain from statin pills?

Reports: Buttock pain, deformed toenails, depression

July 25, 2010
Most Heart Attacks Are Preventable
Do cold drinks improve exercise performance?
Do statin drugs decrease strength and endurance?

Reports: Sweat, probiotics, arthritis of the spine

July 18, 2010
Why Back Surgery Fails So Often
Should people who do not have diabetes restrict foods that cause a high rise in blood sugar?
Why sitting shortens lives and causes heart attacks

Reports: Delay aging, knee surgery, skin creams

July 11, 2010
Sodas with HFCS and Caffeine May Be Best Drinks for Endurance
What are the signs of heat stroke?
Does eating eggs damage arteries?

Reports: Inflammation and heart attacks, dairy products, low back pain

July 4, 2010
18,000 Calories per Day in Race Across America
Will running or cycling long distances daily, year after year, damage your heart?
Can taking protein supplements make my muscles stronger?

Reports: Protein, repairing knee cartilage, sugar cravings

June 27, 2010
Drink Before Thirst to Avoid Dehydration
How does caffeine improve performance in sports?
Will napping help me train for a race?

Reports: Head injuries, body scans, cervical cancer

June 20, 2010
Brown Rice Reduces Diabetes Risk
Is exercising just before I go to sleep harmful?
Why don't all smokers develop lung cancer?

Reports: Piriformis syndrome, varicose veins, flat feet

June 13, 2010
Skin Cancers Linked to Human Papilloma Wart Virus (HPV)
Is high Fructose corn syrup more fattening than table sugar?
Will a massage help me to recover faster after a race?

Reports: Arthritis, sea salt, colon cleansers

June 6, 2010
Protein After, Not During, Exercise
Does diabetes increase cancer risk?
Do bleeding gums increase risk for diabetes as well as for heart attacks?

Reports: Muscle soreness, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), slipped discs

May 30, 2010
Should You Train on Depleted Glycogen Stores?
Does drinking alcohol help to prevent heart attacks?
Does sugar consumption affect blood pressure?

Reports: T'ai chi, urinary tract infections, stationary bikes

May 23, 2010
Strenuous Exercise Prolongs the Lives of Cells
Are sunscreens safe?
Can beta blockers make it hard to exercise?

Reports: Exercise for arthritis, omega-3'2, cellulite

May 16, 2010
Nuts Prevent Heart Attacks
Should average bicycle riders ride with their heads low?
Does taking fish oil or olive oil improve endurance?

Reports: Obesity inherited?, don't remove ovaries, grapefruit juice

May 9, 2010
The Incredible Health Benefits of Muscles
Can training for marathons damage my heart?
Will eating six small meals, instead of three large ones, help me lose weight?

Reports: Artificial sweeteners, energy from food, swollen testicles

May 2, 2010
Salt for Warm Weather Exercise
Does exercise prevent a high rise in blood fat after meals?
Is there anything new on treatment of muscle cramps?

Reports: Dry eyes, dry mouth; lack of desire in women; push-ups

April 25, 2010
Barefoot Running
Can diet help to prevent senility and Alzheimer's disease?
What can I do about very high triglycerides and low HDL cholesterol?

Reports: Tennis elbow, cholesterol guidelines, PMS

April 18, 2010
Good Carbohydrates Help to Prevent Heart Attacks
Can vitamin D deficiency cause rheumatoid arthritis?
Which blood pressure medication is best for athletes?

Reports: Chronic fatigue, growth hormone, glucosamine for arthritis

April 11, 2010
Recovery Days: Rest or Easy Exercise?
Will taking Tylenol help me to race faster?
Is sea salt more healthful than regular table salt?

Reports: Corns and calluses, CRP, steroid supplements

April 4, 2010
Benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training
Will arginine supplements make me faster?
Do any foods or diets help to prolong the lives of cancer patients?

Reports: Tick bites, facial hair, irritable bowel syndrome

March 28, 2010
Vitamin D Deficiency May Be Genetic
What does an high blood pressure during exercise mean?
Can vitamin D pills help to prevent heart attacks?

Reports: Flour, migraines, start a weight training program

March 21, 2010
Variable High Blood Pressure More Likely to Cause Strokes
Will lower-body weight training make me a better cyclist?
Does hard training wear out the heart?

Reports: Body odor, weight loss, pigeon toes, airport angina

March 14, 2010
Saturated Fats Exonerated
Should I get a PSA test that screens men for prostate cancer?
Why do I suffer running injuries primarily in winter?

Reports: Insulin insensitivity, start an exercise program, costochondritis

March 7, 2010
Atrial Fibrillation in Older Athletes
Why does athletic performance deteriorate with aging?
How can I keep from losing height as I get older?

Reports: Testosterone, B12 deficiency, diet to lower cholesterol

February 28, 2010
Why You Should Exercise Every Day
Can bicycle riding cause an enlarged prostate?
Is napping healthful or harmful?

Reports: Lactic acid, growth hormone, rest between intervals

February 21, 2010
Cofactors that Increase Cancer Risk
Is smoking cigars or pipes safer than smoking cigarettes?
Can you get enough vitamin D through window glass?

Reports: Warts, irritable bowel syndrome, second wind

February 14, 2010
Replacements for Partially Hydrogenated Oils
Is it safe to live in a home previously inhabited by smokers?
Why would sugared drinks increase cancer risk?

Reports: Spinning classes, arthritis treatments, pepper cream

February 7, 2010
Intense Exercisers Have Longer Telomeres
Does eating meat increase risk for diabetes?
Clarification of last week's article on weight training for older people

Reports: Too much insulin, stuffy nose, slowly digestible carbohydrates

January 31, 2010
Weight Lifting Rules for Middle-Age and Beyond
What's wrong with watching TV or sitting at a computer for hours?
Can bathing cause vitamin D deficiency?

Reports: Cold fingers, varicose veins, excessive sweating

January 24, 2010
Obesity and High-Fat Diet May Both Prevent Muscle Growth
How does dried fruit act to prevent constipation?
Will drinking a beer before a race slow me down?

Reports: Knee braces, asthma in adults, dangers of shoveling snow

January 17, 2010
Eggs Do Not Cause Heart Attacks
Is it realistic to try to run 100 miles or cycle 200 miles a week?
Follow-up on Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Reports: Colon cleansers, low back pain, pain in buttocks

January 10, 2010
More Exercise is Better
Do high blood sugar levels increase cancer risk?
Can I use exercise to lower LDL cholesterol?

Reports: How many miles?, arthritis treatments, sleep apnea

January 3, 2010
Almost All Obese Men Will Eventually Become Diabetic
How can I get rid of chronic Achilles tendinitis?
Should the mercury scare stop me from eating fish?

Reports: Walk better, running with back pain, blood fat levels


December 27, 2009
Mediterranean Diet Most Healthful
Does lack of sleep harm athletic performance?
Is there any treatment for chronic non-bacterial prostatitis?

Reports: Weight loss, antidepressants, fatty liver

December 20, 2009
The Hygiene Hypothesis
Does coffee reduce risk for diabetes?
My 80-year-old mother can barely walk; is it too late for her to start an exercise program?

Reports: High bilirubin, Prednisone, Barrett's esophagus

December 13, 2009
More Education About Venereal Diseases Needed
Will antioxidants help to prevent muscle damage during workout?
Can anxiety cause muscle cramps?

Reports: Hammer toes, heart or muscle strength, metformin

December 6, 2009
Stress Fractures Caused by Weak Muscles and Over-Striding
Which sports are best for the knees?
Do all sugared beverages increase risk for diabetes?

Reports: Massage therapy, stationary bikes, low back pain

November 29, 2009
Why Sprinting Improves Endurance
How long should I rest between intervals?
Is low testosterone the most common cause of impotence in a young man?

Reports: Bunions, varicose veins, chronic muscle pain

November 22, 2009
Junk Food Alters Intestinal Bacteria in One Day
Should I take aspirin to help prevent a heart attack?
What are the risks of taking human growth hormone?

Reports: Dizziness, diet to relievew arthritis, bad breath

November 15, 2009
Will Avoiding Dietary Sugar Prolong Life?
How can I tell when I'm getting too cold during outdoor sports?
New recommendations on vitamin D

Reports: Lactobacillus, high-plant diet, getting stronger

November 8, 2009
Just Getting Old Does Not Cause Diabetes
Do I need to wear socks with running or cycling shoes?
Will eating protein enlarge my muscles?

Reports: Chest pain, slow heart rate, irritable bowel syndrome

November 1, 2009
No Evidence Cycling Weakens Bones
Are artificial sweeteners dangerous?
Is it healthful to eat only raw foods?

Reports: Enzyme pills, canker sores, inherited diabetes

October 25, 2009
A New Explanation for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
What should I drink during hard exercise or a race?
New findings from the Nurses Study

Reports: Synvisc, fungus toenails, high or low arches

October 18, 2009
The Potassium Deficiency Myth
Will fasting before a race give me more endurance?
Should I take antioxidants pills such as vitamins A, C and E?

Reports: Skin infections, prostate cancer, knee damage

October 11, 2009
Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes
Does drinking alcohol before exercise help or hinder performance?
Note on breast cancer risk

Reports: Low back pain, hirsutism, pepper cream

October 4, 2009
New Rules for Sunscreens
What can I do to prevent muscle cramps?
Will coenzyme Q10 relieve muscle pain caused by statin drugs?

Reports: Pre-diabetes, depression in women, calories-running vs cycling

September 27, 2009
Osteoarthritis: Treat with Exercise
Does taking extra sugar during exercise increase heart attack risk?
Which blood test is a better predictor of heart attacks: CRP or cholesterol?

Reports: Head injuries, body scans, memory loss

September 20, 2009
Preventing Loss of Muscle Strength with Aging
What causes prostate cancer?
Are low-carb diets for weight loss safe?

Reports: Insomnia, dizziness, halitosis

September 13, 2009
Better to Eat Mid-Day than Evening
You've warned about fat bellies; what about thigh size?
Does alcohol reduce heart attack risk?

Reports: Ibflammation, water for weight loss, booze blockers

September 6, 2009
NSAIDs Interfere with Proper Training
Follow-up on monitoring heart rate during exercise
What can I do to prevent osteoarthritis?

Reports: Arthritis treatments, lactic acid, benign tremors

August 30, 2009
New Treatment for Tennis Elbow
Should a child have his appendix taken out?
What can older competitive runners do to keep from running slower in races as they age?

Reports: Too much iron, PMS, brittle nails

August 23, 2009
Cell Phones and Cell Damage
When a male has HPV, how long can he infect his partner(s)?
How can I reduce my risk for colon cancer?

Reports: Beta blockers, lactic acid, irregular periods

August 16, 2009
New Explanation for DASH Diet Success
Is there any treatment for constant burning on urination?
Should an athlete with atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat) take anti-clotting drugs?

Reports: Gum disease, repairing knee cartilage, lack of B12 and memory loss

August 9, 2009
Faster Runners Have Longer Strides
Will drinking oxygenated water help me exercise longer?
How can I exercise when my back hurts?

Reports: Knee arthritis, colon cleansers, salt

August 2, 2009
Timing of Exercise and Meals
What can I do to prevent melanoma skin cancers?
Should diabetics eat fruit?

Reports: Heart and muscle strength, nasal polyps, ammonia odor

July 26, 2009
Sugar During Exercise Increases Power and Endurance
Will intense exercise lower blood pressure more than casual exercise?
Is it more healthful to exercise before you eat or after?

Reports: Sit-ups, chronic fatigue, HDL cholesterol

July 19, 2009
Getting Rid of Excess Belly Fat
Should a 65-year-old man take testosterone?
What can I do about exhaustion from heavy physical labor?

Reports: Iron pil
ls, genetics of diabetes, bunions

July 12, 2009
Caffeine May Help to Prevent Alzheimer's
How can I get rid of numb hands while I'm cycling?
Can I do anything to relieve statin-related muscle pain?

Reports: Ab machines, "Caveman" diets, sleepy after eating

July 5, 2009
Vigorous Exercise Protects Your Heart
Does high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) cause obesity?
Are artificial sweeteners a good alternative for weight loss?

Reports: Slow heart rate, irritable bowel syndrome, osteoarthritis

June 28, 2009
Protein for Muscle Recovery and Growth
How do you get enough sunlight for your body to make vitamin D without risking skin cancer?
Should I use testosterone gel for impotence caused by low blood testosterone?

Reports: Arthritis, metformin (Glucophage), back pain

June 21, 2009
Hip Fracture Usually Requires Hip Replacement
What is the link between rheumatoid arthritis and infections?
Why are my triglycerides high?

Reports: Cellulite, recovery heart rate, C-Reactive Protein (CRP)

June 14, 2009
Surgery for Blocked Arteries Questioned
Do only weight-bearing sports strengthen bones?
Does Helicobacter pylori prevent diseases such as eczema?

Reports: Stuffy nose, B12 deficiency, best diet

June 7, 2009
Burning During Exercise Differs from Muscle Pain After Exercise
I have irregular heartbeats; can I still compete in sports?
Do professional football players have high risk for diabetes or heart attacks?

Reports: Exercise bikes, gall bladder pain, swollen testicles

May 31, 2009
Older People Need More Sunshine
Which blood pressure number is more important?
Why does excess weight increase cancer risk?

Reports: Joint pains, excess insulin, blood pressure treatments

May 24, 2009
Drop in Performance? Common Causes
Can deep massage help recovery from hard exercise?
Anything new for treatment of joint pain?

Reports: Restless legs, cholesterol, constipation

May 17, 2009
Why Antioxidant Supplements May Harm, Not Help
How can I tell if I'm improving my level of fitness?
What if my blood pressure is high at the doctor's office but low at night?

Reports: Difficult urination, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, deep-fried foods

May 10, 2009
Type 2 Diabetes is Preventable
What can I do about Achilles tendinitis?
Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides Walk

Reports: Get stronger, inflammation, mitral valve prolapse

May 3, 2009
Keep on Moving!
Will I be a better bicycle rider if I ride hard every day?
Fructose and gout; Vitamin D and aging

Reports: Fit women live longer, daytime sleepiness, leg cramps

April 26, 2009
Fructose More Likely than Glucose to Cause Diabetes
I exercise heavily but still have high blood pressure; do I need to take drugs?
More on the benefits of fruits and vegetables

Reports: Belly fat, back pain, dry mouth

April 19, 2009
Muscle Soreness, Exercise Injuries and Vitamin D
What can I do about diarrhea when I race?
Why do Diana's recipes use bouillon (high in salt)?

Reports: Achilles tendinitis, tennis elbow, shoulder injuries

April 12, 2009
Caffeine Reduces Muscle Burning during Intense Exercise
Should diabetics drink coffee?
Does caffeine raise blood pressure?
Caffeine cream may treat skin cancers

Reports: Neuroma, low back pain, grow taller products

April 5, 2009
Should You Drink Milk and Eat Dairy Products?
My blood pressure is high at bedtime; how can I lower it?
How do fruits and vegetables prevent cancer and heart attacks?

Reports: Wrinkles, body odor, arthritis

March 29, 2009
Study Finds Eating Red Meat Contributes to Risk of Early Death
Is caffeine safe when I exercise in hot weather?
Update on vitamin D

Reports: High-plant diet, carpal tunnel syndrome, Piriformis syndrome, raising HDL

March 22, 2009
Lack of Thyroid Hormones Explains Why Some People Cannot Lose Weight
Update on high insulin levels and cancer
Reports: Memory loss, muscles and diet, eye exercises

March 15, 2009
Increasing Exercise after Age 50 Prolongs Lives
Does hard training reduce sexuality?
Do diet sodas cause diabetes?

Reports: Belly fat, Peyronie's disease, monoglyderides and diglycerides

March 8, 2009
Metabolic Syndrome Increases Salt's Effect on Blood Pressure
Follow-up on the controversy about bone loss in cyclists
Reports: Osteoporosis and salt, exercise for arthritis, low back pain

March 1, 2009
Exercise Necessary for Permanent Weight Loss
Does bicycling reduce bone density?
I’d like to improve my swimming; should I swim as many laps as possible?

Reports: Bladder infections, skin creams, achilles tendinitis

February 22, 2009
Healthful Cooking Methods Use Water
What’s the best exercise program for a person with back pain?
How does alcohol damage the liver and what can I do to protect it?

Reports: Liver detoxifiers, colon cleansers, fat absorbers

February 15, 2009
Diabetes Can Be Prevented and Cured
Does weight lifting help the heart?
Are athletes allowed to take cortisone-type drugs?

Reports: Bleeding gums, dry mouth, gray hair

February 8, 2009
Preventing Heart Attacks
Why do otherwise healthy aging people lose their coordination and fall so frequently?
I took estrogen at menopause but stopped several years ago. Am I still at increased risk for breast cancer?

February 1, 2009
Add Omega 3's, but No Need to Limit Omega 6's
You recommend sunlight for vitamin D, but isn’t skin cancer a greater concern?
Why would my doctor order an HBA1C test?

Reports: Restaurant meals, preventing diabetes, carpal tunnel syndrome

January 25, 2009
Blood Pressure: Exercise and Diet More Important than Salt Restriction
Why is it better to have fat stored in the legs and hips than in the belly?
Does caffeine increase heart attack risk?

Reports: Testosterone gel (men or women), colon cleansers

January 18, 2009
Greater Endurance with Aging
Could beta sitosterol cause leg cramps?
Should I exercise when I have a cold or a fever?

Reports: Weight loss, protein, lactose intolerance

January 11, 2009
Small Rises in Blood Sugar Cause Memory Loss
Does exercise cause inflammation?
Are cell phones safe?

Reports: Bleeding gums, bunions, cholesterol

January 4, 2009
Exercise Increases Brain Cells
What’s the best way to tell if you really have high blood pressure?
How could strong muscles affect cancer risk?

Reports: Blood pressure drugs, skin creams, probiotics


December 28, 2008
Farmed Tilapia and Catfish are More Like Chicken than Fish
Do the risks of drinking alcohol outweigh the possible health benefits?
How could vitamin D deficiency contribute to diabetes?

Reports: Back pain, whole grains, training principles

December 21, 2008
Hour-Glass or Belly Fat: Body Shape as Destiny
Should I avoid nuts since they contain so much fat?
Yet another vitamin D deficiency study

Reports: Metabolic syndrome, dyspareunia, irritable bowel syndrome

December 14, 2008
Understanding Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness
Does cold weather increase risk for health problems?
Will lifting weights and staying strong help me to live longer?

Reports: More on muscle soreness, piriformis syndrome, ingrown toenails

December 7, 2008
Do Eggs Increase Diabetes Risk?
Do athletes have an advantage over non-athletes as they age?
Can depression cause a heart attack?

Reports: Assessing your diabetes risk; how insulin makes you fat; gallstones

November 30, 2008
Eating Before Exercise OK for Most People
What's the best way to treat dry skin?
Is it safe for young children to lift weights?

Reports: Whole grains, memory loss, spot reduction

November 23, 2008
Intense Exercise Better for Reducing Belly Fat
Follow-up on imflammation
Reports: Flu shots, cold hands, hypothermia

November 16, 2008
Inflammation: More Important than Cholesterol?
How could having migraine headaches reduce breast cancer risk?
What can I do about pain from a bony spot on top of my foot?

Reports: Psoriasis, jock itch, elbow pain

November 9, 2008
Finally, a Clue to Explain Why You Should Avoid Red Meat
What time of day should blood pressure be measured?
Will coenzyme Q10 help to prevent the muscle pain caused by taking statins?

Reports: Swollen ankles, white or sweet potatoes, body scans

November 2, 2008
Heart Attack Risk for Diabetics
What causes side stitches when I run?
Which vegetables and fruits are most healthful?

Reports: Carpal tunnel syndrome, cholesterol and testosterone, age spots

October 26, 2008
Eat More Fish and Less Vegetable Oil
Health alert for exercisers with chronic sore muscles
What causes exercise-induced asthma?
Do less intelligent people die earlier than their smarter peers?

Reports: Restaurant meals, triglycerides, big toe pain

October 19, 2008
Check Vitamin D Levels this Winter
Am I destined to be fat?
How can I tell if my bicycle seat is at the right height?

Reports: Insomnia, sleep apnea, snoring

October 12, 2008
Stretching Pros and Cons
What causes shingles?
Should I avoid using plastic water bottles altogether?

Reports: Belly fat, back pain, asthma in adults

October 5, 2008
Broken Knee Cartilage is Forever
Why do muscles get smaller with age?
Are cell phones safe?

Reports: Arthroscopic knee surgery, herpes, testosterone gel

September 28, 2008
Plastic Bottles and Containers: New Concerns
Why do so many people fail to keep weight off after they diet?
Do married people live longer than singles?

Reports: Irritable bowel syndrome, exercise bikes, skin creams

September 21, 2008
Burning Feet while Cycling
Should I be avoiding high-fructose corn syrup?
Do you recommend genetic testing to assess cancer risk?

Reports: Frequent urination, protein requirements, back pain

September 14, 2008
Nitric Oxide May Help Athletes
What can I do about painful cracking skin on my feet?
Can you help me persuade my spouse to exercise?

Reports: Shingles, low thyroid, probiotics

September 7, 2008
Salt Helps to Retain Fluid
Is monosodium glutamate (MSG) harmful?
If exercise helps to prevent cancer, what is the mechanism?

Reports: Bladder infections, swollen ankles, dark spots, omega-3's

August 31, 2008
Intense Exercise Best for Preventing Diabetes
Should I fast before having blood drawn for a cholesterol test?
How could folic acid vitamin pills cause cancer?

Reports: Exercise with arthritis, restless legs, caffeine and insulin

August 24, 2008
Measure Abdominal Obesity, Not Just Weight
If I exercise and eat salty foods, won't my blood pressure go up?
What are the best sources of carbohydrates during exercise?

Reports: Warm up your heart, strong bones, low back pain

Note: no eZines were published between July 27 and August 24, 2008

July 27, 2008
Saturated Fat Risks Cancelled by Exercise
Are public swimming pools safe?
Smoothies? Fruit juice eaten with other foods?
Do the special margarines really lower cholesterol?

Reports: Lactose intolerance, sit-ups, spot reduction

July 20, 2008
Lose Weight with Exercise
Why do you tell people not to drink fruit juice?
Is night shift work unhealthful?

Reports: Sinusitis, tick bites & Lyme disease, poison ivy

July 13, 2008
Progress Report on Our Training Program
How could where you live affect how long you live?
Will exercising in the evening keep me awake at night?

Reports: Increase walking speed, E. coli syndrome, muscle loss with aging

July 6, 2008
Caffeine Boosts Hot Weather Performance
Why are football players at high risk for diabetes?
Are statin drugs the best way to lower cholesterol?

Reports: Stretching, elbow pain, jogging for fitness

June 29, 2008
Causes of Heatstroke
How does "stress and recover" apply to multi-day events such as the Tour de France?
Do tightly-controlled diabetics die earlier?

Reports: Arthritis, "inch-of-pinch", leaking heart valves

June 22, 2008
Changing Prostate Cancer Genes with Lifestyle
How can I help to improve my child's running form?
Will alkaline water help to prevent osteoporosis?

Reports: Fungus, fatty liver, sunscreens

June 15, 2008
Update on Vitamin D
How can I recover between events when competing in very hot weather?
Are heart attacks more common in summer or winter?

Reports: Blood pressure, piriformis syndrome, spots on suntan

June 8, 2008
New Theory on Recovery from Workouts
What is the best temperature for exercising?
I'm not overweight; how can I lose the fat in my hips and thighs?

Reports: Arthritis of the knee, knee injections, knee replacements

June 1, 2008
Salt Restriction Hinders Exercisers
My heart rate during exercise never gets as high as my husband's; should I be concerned?
I'm pre-diabetic; does it matter whether I exercise before or after meals?

Reports: Vitamin B12 deficiency, belly fat, Peyronie's disease

May 25, 2008
Fewer Omega-6's May Reduce Cancer Risk
I'm sore for several days after a workout; what am I doing wrong?
What's the current treatment for burning in the stomach?

Reports: Sinusitis, tingling, systolic/diastolic numbers

May 18, 2008
Exercise May Improve Kidney Function
Do bicycle toe clips save energy?
Does exercise affect breast cancer risk?

Reports: Overactive thyroid, body scans, food combining

May 11, 2008
Progesterone, IUD's and Uterine Cancer Risk
What's the latest on prevention of Alzheimer's disease?
Do you support the bans on smoking in restaurants?

Reports: Wrinkles, PCOS, Snoring

May 4, 2008
Background before peaking
How could vitamin pills affect lifespan?
I'm exercising but haven't lost weight; am I wasting my time?

Reports: Soluble fiber, sacroiliac joint pain, athlete's foot

April 27, 2008
Get Your Vitamins From Food, Not Pills
Will I get stronger if I keep on lifting weights when my muscles are hurting?
Is caffeine addicting?

Reports: Knee surgery, hylan (Synvisc) injections, bent toes

April 20, 2008
How Exercise Prevents Diabetes AND Preserves Your Brain
Are organic foods more nutritious than those grown conventionally?
Should a woman who has had her ovaries removed use testosterone?

Reports: Diabetes risk, low back pain, elbow pain

April 13, 2008
Microwaving Does Not Harm Foods
Does vitamin C improve athletic performance?
What are the pros and cons of testosterone?

Reports: Reactive arthritis, sleep apnea, yogurt lowers blood sugar

April 6, 2008
Vitamin D - Special Issue
My personal plan and recommendations
Previous reports on vitamin D and heart attacks, cancer, diabetes
and other health issues

March 30, 2008
Men Underestimate Their Waist Sizes
My cholesterol is too high; should I avoid eggs?
Do branched chain amino acids help muscles to recover after exercise?

Reports: Exercise bikes, diverticulitis, diet and arthritis pain

March 23, 2008
High Fructose Corn Syrup No Worse Than Sugar
Is creatine safe?
Is coconut oil the best oil for frying?

Reports: Runny nose, muscle soreness, pre-diabetes

March 16, 2008
Cramps Probably Caused by Muscle Damage
Is it normal to have pain six months after pulling an Achilles tendon?
Why would being overweight increase cancer risk?

Reports: Psoriasis, constipation, warm up your heart

March 9, 2008
Bone Density Does Not Necessarily Measure Bone Strength
Does it matter how fast or slow a person eats?
What can I do about the fatigue I feel after exercising?

Reports: Shingles, salt sensitivity, donating blood

March 2, 2008
Weight Gained When You Stop Exercising May Be Hard to Lose
Does sexual activity stress the heart more than exercise?
Are intense competitive sports harmful for young children?

Reports: Stuffy nose, tingling feet, elbow pain

February 24, 2008
Muscle Fatigue May Be Caused by Calcium Loss
Should I exercise less intensely when air pollution is high?
Do artificial sweeteners cause weight gain?

Reports: Low back pain, chest pain, thumb pain

February 17, 2008
Maximum Heart Rate Lower in Athletes
Is obesity inherited?
Should weight lifters take in fluid during a workout or competition?

Reports: Strengthen bones, prevent diabetes, sinusitis

February 10, 2008
Longer Telomeres Mean Longer Life
Can cold air freeze your lungs?
Is it better to rest completely or exercise gently while recovering from an injury?

Reports: Splitting fingernails, deformed toenails, dry skin

February 3, 2008
Benefits from Lifestyle Change at Any Age
Does exercise prevent diabetes just by controlling weight?
Are HGH injections harmful?

Reports: Knee cartilage, overactive thyroid, low back pain

January 27, 2008
Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Heart Attacks
How can I keep from getting tired on long bicycle rides?
Does caffeine improve athletic performance?

Reports: Gain weight, back pain, grey hair

January 20, 2008
Fewer Intense Workouts for Maximum Performance
Does it matter what I drink during heavy exercise?
What can I do about cold toes?

Reports: Colon cleansers, arthritis, body scans

January 13, 2008
Walking for Fitness
What can I do to prevent colon cancer?
Importance of exercise for seniors

Reports: Diet books, arthritis pain, yogurt

January 6, 2008
Cold Weather Hinders Weight Loss
Does cycling a short distance to work count as exercise?
Do you recommend flu shots?

Reports: Cold hands, ringing in ears (tinnitus), rectal bleeding


December 30, 2007
Why Exercise Protects Your Memory
Should diabetics eat sugar during long exercise?
Are overweight children more likely to have health problems later in life?

Reports: Warm up your heart, depression, calcium

December 23, 2007
Carbohydrate Snacks for Endurance
Should older people take growth hormone to preserve muscle size and strength?
Do you recommend the HPV vaccine?

Reports: Healthful fats, omega-3's, natural vs artificial

December 16, 2007
Intestinal Bacteria May Cause Weight Gain
Which is more important for a long life, weight loss or exercise?
Are you more likely to have a heart attack when you have a cold?

Reports: Hydration, weight loss drugs, warm up your heart

December 9, 2007
Exercise May Speed Healing Time
Can drinking tea help to prevent diabetes?
How could excess weight increase prostate cancer risk?

Reports: Insulin, homocysteine, deformed toenails

December 2, 2007
Harm from Performance-Enhancing Drugs
Is stretching helpful or harmful for exercisers?
Will taking metformin (Glucophage) hamper my exercise program?

Reports: Liver cleansing, nuts, skin creams

November 25, 2007
Low Blood Sugar Causes Mental Fatigue in Competition
Why do so many of my swim team members use asthma inhalers?
Does coffee help or hurt the heart?

Reports: Whole grains, dimpled thighs, gout

November 18, 2007
Small Lifestyle Changes Combat Obesity
Can I exercise after angioplasty for blocked arteries?
How does education affect longevity?

Reports: Calcium, exercise bicycles, recovery heart rate

November 11, 2007
Exercise-Induced Muscle Cramps: Causes and Prevention
Will custom orthotics get rid of foot pain when I run?
Are salty drinks better for exercisers than plain water?

Reports: Jock itch, restless legs, belly fat

November 4, 2007
Exercise Prevents Diabetes
Is weight loss during exercise due only to loss of fluid?
Are hot tubs and saunas helpful or harmful for exercisers?

Reports: Sweating, synvisc knee injections, monogylcerides and diglycerides

October 28, 2007
Longer Lower Legs More Efficient
To lose weight, should I avoid all foods that cause a high rise in blood sugar?
Does coffee improve memory?

Reports: Hair loss in women, age spots, body scans

October 21, 2007
Sugar Helps You Exercise Longer
How much walking do I need to do to lose weight?
Does fluoride prevent cavities by killing bacteria?

Reports: Bad breath, restaurant choices, children and sports

October 14, 2007
Interval Training on Consecutive Days
How can I tell if my resting heart rate is too high?
What's the link between vitamin D and cancer prevention?

Reports: Elbow pain, stronger muscles, stronger bones

October 7, 2007
Strengthen Muscles at Any Age
If sorbitol is so bad, why is it used in foods?
Should I take drugs to lower cholesterol?

Reports: Acid stomach, good bacteria, nuts

September 30, 2007
Tapering to Improve Performance in Competition
How could exercise help to prevent skin cancer?
What can I do to avoid ingrown toenails?

Reports: Isometric exercises, caffeine, yeast infections

September 23, 2007
Rest Periods Probably Do Not Increase Weight Loss
Should I be concerned about vitamin D deficiency?
Why is exercise so important for control or prevention of diabetes?

Reports: Spirulina, breads, chelated minerals

September 16, 2007
Choose Running Shoes by Arch Height
Is high fructose corn syrup more dangerous than ordinary sugar?
Why can some people eat huge amounts of food and never gain weight?

Reports: Slipped discs, low blood sugar, cholesterol numbers

September 9, 2007
Repetition Increases Efficiency
Do large portion sizes cause a person to eat more?
Should I exercise outside when air pollution is heavy?

Reports: Constipation, shoulder pain, shingles

September 2, 2007
Partial Knee Replacement
What's the latest in the debate on antioxidants?
Why do I have pain that goes up my leg from the back of my heel?

Reports: Sinus problems, daytime sleepiness, BP with weight lifting

August 26, 2007
Muscle Cramps Often Caused By Lack of Salt
Do different finger lengths have any significance?
Can acne be treated by avoiding specific foods?
Reports: Slipped discs, manipulation for back pain, arthritis of the spine

August 19, 2007
Spot Reduction Exercises are Not Effective
Does high fructose corn syrup cause obesity?
Do fish oil supplements prevent heart attacks as effectively as eating fish?

Reports: Lyme disease, facial pain, canned fish

August 12, 2007
Athletes and Spectators Should Heed Lightning Warnings
Will a low-carbohydrate diet help me run faster?
Should I take selenium supplements?

Reports: Napping, caffeine, stuffy nose and fungi

August 5, 2007
Preserve Muscle Sugar for Speed and Endurance
Is it normal to gain weight and be puffy after long exercise?
When should triglycerides be tested?

Reports: Cholesterol numbers, lactose intolerance, cellulite

July 29, 2007
Marathon Times Do Not Drop Before Fifty
What should I eat after a hard workout?
Why would vitamin D deficiency increase risk for diabetes?

Reports: Asthma after puberty, intestinal gas, amenorrhea

July 22, 2007
Cycling Better than Running for Asthma or Allergy Sufferers
Does diet affect skin cancer risk?
What causes metabolic syndrome?

Reports: Sore muscles, muscle cramps, muscle healing

July 15, 2007
Rethinking the Maximum Heart Rate Formula
How does caffeine effect endurancee?
How can my doctor tell which weight-loss diet is best for me?

Reports: Memory loss, chronic fatigue, overactive thyroid

July 8, 2007
Preserve Cell Mitochondria to Age Well
How long do muscles benefit from carbohydrate loading?
Will lifting weights reduce my risk for diabetes?

Reports: Inflammation, chronic prostatitis, irregular periods

July 1, 2007
Recovery Times Do Not Decrease with Age
I'm trying to lose weight; should I skip snacks during exercise?
Has anyone explained the claims for health benefits of alcohol?

Reports: Low back pain, heel pain, elbow pain

June 24, 2007
Choose Your Pedaling Position
Why would nuts help to prevent diabetes?
Will I burn more calories when I exercise in hot weather?

Reports: Spot reduction, gas, dizziness

June 17, 2007
Do Not Limit Calories Before Competition
Does the loss of muscle mass as we age come just from lack of exercise?
Is jumping rope a good way to become fit?

Reports: Herpes, memory loss, body scans

June 10, 2007
Thirty Minutes Three Times a Week is Not Enough
Does it matter when I drink during a long race?
Is a Mediterranean-style diet the best way to prevent heart attacks?

Reports: Cod liver oil, dark spots, ammonia odor

June 3, 2007
Hot-Weather Exercisers Need Salt
What's the best exercise after knee replacement surgery?
How can my diet affect my risk for prostate cancer?

Reports: Daytime sleepiness, red nose, spots in your suntan

May 27, 2007
Know the Warning Signs of Heatstroke
Are trans fats as bad as we have been led to believe?
Will chondroitin or glucosamine treat my arthritis?

Reports: Hypoglycemia, depression in women, slipped discs

May 20, 2007
Lactic Acid Increases Endurance
How can I tell if I am pedaling my bicycle too fast?
Will exercise help or hurt my arthritis?

Reports: Itchy skin, sleep apnea, panic attacks

May 13, 2007
Most Exercisers Do Not Raise Metabolism
How can I know if I need to eat while I am exercising?
How can fat cause diabetes?

Reports: Probiotics, cellulite, arthritis

May 6, 2007
Strengthen Quad Muscles to Help Your Knees
Are antioxidant supplements harmful?
Can I take both aspirin and ibuprofen?

Reports: Muscle soreness, growth hormone, gout, sudden grey hair

April 29, 2007
Gap Between Men's and Women's World Records Increasing
Will exercise help a diabetic?
What's the best oil for frying?

Reports: Stuffy nose, low back pain, night-time urination

April 22, 2007
Chewing Tobacco Riskier than Smoking
Is there an easy way to increase the intensity of my workouts?
Should I avoid nuts because of their high fat content?

Reports: Strengthen bones, blood pressure numbers, B12 deficiency

April 15, 2007
Vigorous Exercise for Weight Loss
What's the best way to cycle up hills?
Is orange juice a good source of soluble fiber?

Reports: arthritis, asthma, how muscles get stronger

April 8, 2007
Exercise Makes Your Brain Larger
What are interesterified oils?
Why do I sweat more after I finish exercising?

Reports: Knee surgery, spot reduction, mitral valve prolapse

April 1, 2007
Caffeine Helps in Sprints and Endurance Events
How can I avoid nerve damage from my bicycle seat?
Will my muscles get stronger if I eat before a hard workout?

Reports: Swollen feet, hair loss, mouth ulcers

March 25, 2007
Exercise Makes Cells More Efficient
What kinds of foods should I eat before a race?
Should statins to lower cholesterol be taken at a particular time of day?

Reports: Triglycerides, good bacteria, testosterone

March 18, 2007
Intervals Help You Get Faster
Will a cold drink improve my performance during hot-weather competition?
Can exercise help a person with congestive heart failure?

Reports: Cholesterol numbers, isometric exercises, bladder infections

March 11, 2007
Speed Up Recovery with Food
Does exercise increase my chances of having osteoarthritis?
How can lack of vitamin D increase cancer risk?

Reports: Excessive sweating, recovery heart rate, cellulite

March 4, 2007
Cross-transference Helps If You Are Injured
Does it really matter if my children are slightly overweight?
Why do you recommend adding salt when everyone else tells us to stay away from it?

Reports: Good bacteria, chest pain, enlarged prostate

February 25, 2007
Spin Faster for Greater Cycling Efficiency
Why do I wheeze when I exercise?
Is weight lifting appropriate for older people?

Reports: body scans, shoulder pain, brain damage from high blood sugar

February 18, 2007
Why You Should Cool Down
Does exercise help to prevent memory loss?
Will leucine supplements increase endurance?

Reports: wheat intolerance, diabetes risk, irregular periods

February 11, 2007
Mild Dehydration Does Not Impair Exercise Performance
Why do I become uncoordinated when I'm tired?
How could smoking increase risk for cervical cancer?

Reports: Children and healthful eating; swollen testicles; cold weather chest pain

February 4, 2007
Older Exercisers Recover as Fast as Children
I’m diabetic; does it matter when I exercise?
How can I tell how many calories I’m burning during a workout?

Reports: weight loss, chlorella, tennis elbow

January 28, 2007
Efficiency in Running Form
Does hard exercise cause inflammation?
Will any drugs speed healing of a pulled muscle?

Reports: gall bladder, slipped disc, skin creams

January 21, 2007
Baking Soda May Help Exercisers
Why would calorie restriction prolong life?
Is it harmful to work out after donating blood?

Reports: Stuffy nose, triglycerides, bad breath

January 15, 2007
Most Diabetes is Preventable
Will support stockings improve blood flow during exercise?
How can I tell when to drink during a race?

Reports: Women's libido, laxatives, chest pain in cold weather

January 7, 2007
Carbohydrates and Protein Help Weight Lifters
Does exercise lower homocysteine?
Is food more fattening at night than in the morning?

Reports: Cellulite, zero trans fats, growth hormone


December 31, 2006
Don't Try Breathing Only Through Your Nose
Should young children get involved in team sports?
My blood tests show low iron; should I take iron pills?

Reports: Olive oil for joint pain, cholesterol numbers, prostate infection

December 24, 2006
How to Exercise with Back Pain
How much do I need to exercise to lose weight?
Why was I told not to take pills with grapefruit juice?

Reports: testosterone gel, losing height, foods to lower blood pressure

December 17, 2006
Increase Endurance with Carbohydrates
Why do foods such as prunes prevent constipation?
My calves hurt when I walk; should I exercise?

Reports: Raise good HDL, redness, chronic fatigue

December 10, 2006
Exercise Lowers Salt Sensitivity
I’m sixty; is it too late to strengthen my bones with exercise?
Will taking longer steps help me run faster?

Reports: Back pain, shingles, Peyronie's disease

December 3, 2006
Fit Older Women Live Longer
Are soybeans healthful?
Do you recommend taking vitamin D with calcium supplements?

Reports: Heel pain, drugs for weight loss, canker sores, polycystic ovary syndrome

November 26, 2006
Use Different Types of Exercise for Fitness and Muscle Strength
Should I carry weights while walking or jogging?
Will fasting help to remove toxins from my body?

Reports: Diabetes genetic?, antibiotics for arthritis, food combining

November 19, 2006
Some Performance-Enhancing Drugs Can’t Be Detected
How could excess weight cause memory loss?
Will walking on a treadmill every day reduce my heart attack risk?

Reports: Blood pressure drugs, chronic fatigue, abnormal liver tests

November 12, 2006
Lactic Acid is Good For You
Will exercise help me prevent diabetes, even though I’m overweight?
Is there any help for extremely cold hands?

Reports: Diet to lower blood pressure, insulin resistance syndrome, how much water?

November 5, 2006
Race Longer with a Low-Glycemic-Index Meal
Is high blood pressure during exercise dangerous?
Will creatine help to prevent loss of muscle strength with aging?

Reports: Raise HDL, stopping breathing while asleep, shoulder pain

October 29, 2006
Master Athletes Age Better
Are fruit juices a better choice for children and teens than soft drinks?
Why do so many members of our track team use asthma inhalers?

Reports: Joint pains, deformed toenails, irritable bowel syndrome

October 22, 2006
Caffeine Increases Endurance
Is diabetes more likely to be genetic or environmental?
Why do I have constant itching?

Reports: Heart attack risk, salt restriction for diabetics, ringing in the ears

October 15, 2006
Pedal Faster to Ride Better
What’s the current thinking on fat restriction?
Will cross-training make me more fit?

Reports: slipped discs, sinus headaches, rosacea

October 8, 2006
Children Need More Exercise for Heart Health
Are antibiotics the best treatment for urinary tract infections?
What’s the proper way to do sit-ups?

Reports: sciatic nerve pain, yeast infections, triglycerides

October 1, 2006
What Causes Second Wind?
Are sports drinks better than water?
Is there a good screening test for diabetes?

Reports: Shingles, breakfast cereals, fish oil

September 24, 2006
Weight Lifting Helps to Prevent Diabetes
Is there any proof that exercise prolongs life?
How many miles should I run each week to train for a marathon?

Reports: Depression, exercises for belly fat, recovery heart rate

September 17, 2006
Protein drinks during competition do not increase speed
Does low testosterone cause heart attacks?
Are cortisone injections into joints safe?

Reports: Mycoplasma, overactive bladder, osteoporosis, arches

September 10, 2006
Floyd Landis and Marion Jones
Are any of the weight loss medications safe and effective for teenagers?
Is exercising just before I go to sleep harmful?

Reports: Anabolic steroids, warts, teen weight loss

September 3, 2006
Slower Pace or Rest Between Races?
Can an over-active immunity be cause by poor diet?
Is it more important to exercise when you are young or when you are old?

Reports: Nasal polyps, joint pains, salt restriction

August 27, 2006
Training to Do the Most Push-Ups
Does extra salt cause osteoporosis?
What causes hiccups?

Reports: Yeast infections, arthritis pain, systolic or diastolic BP

August 20, 2006
Know When to Change Sports
What should I eat after a hard workout?
How common is muscle pain from cholesterol-lowering drugs?

Reports: Vitamin B12, panic attacks, burning stomach

August 13, 2006
How to Start a Running Program
I've lost weight; how can I keep it off?
How can I stay more alert late in the day?

Reports: Itchy skin, frequent urination, blue-green algae

August 6, 2006
Muscles Recover Faster in the Morning
Does eating before exercise cause cramps?
Will gelatin make my nails less brittle?

Reports: Bad breath, joint pains, memory loss

July 30, 2006
Coaches Believe Stretching Prevents Injuries
Does your heart get tired during exercise?
Why is belly fat so dangerous?

Reports: Diverticulitis, heel pain, chronic fatigue

July 23, 2006
Intervals Teach Your Muscles to Use Lactic Acid
Does having Metabolic Syndrome mean I should avoid all fats?
Does exercise strengthen bones?
Reports: Heatstroke, power bars, mitral valve prolapse

July 16, 2006
Did Lance Armstrong cheat?
Should I carry weights while walking or jogging?
How important is exercise for controlling cholesterol?

Reports: Liver detoxifying products, stress fractures, canker sores

July 9, 2006
Exercise Won’t Hurt a Healthy Heart
Can dehydration be prevented by drinking sports drinks instead of water?
Will the nonsteroidal pain medicines help me recover from a workout?

Reports: Sit-ups, birth weight, nonsteroidals

July 2, 2006
Living High, Training Low
Should I start drinking wine to prevent a heart attack?
How does exercise lower blood pressure?

Reports: Good bacteria, heart rate, isometric exercises

June 25, 2006
Oxygenated Water Does Not Increase Endurance
Are cell phones safe?
Is salt restriction the best way to lower blood pressure?

Reports: Insulin resistance, arthritis in the spine, whole grains for weight loss

June 18, 2006
Endurance and Heart Size
Is loss of strength with age inevitable?
What would cause a leg clot in an otherwise healthy person?

Reports: White spots on skin, osteoporosis, chocolate

June 11, 2006
The Best Cycling Cadence
I'm not a diabetic; why did my doctor do an HBA1C test?
What would cause high blood pressure in a child?

Reports: Awkward running form, good breads, stuffy nose

June 4, 2006
Know When to Stop Exercising
How does weight loss affect your heart?
Are there any drugs to make athletes stronger that are not banned?

Reports: Sweat too much, niacin, stiff knees

May 28, 2006
Muscles and Protein
What can I do to prevent wrinkles as I get older?
Will eating nuts lower my risk for diabetes?
Does bicycling cause impotence?
Does Viagra cause heart attacks?

Reports: Recovery pulse rate, migraines, low thyroid

May 21, 2006
Older People Should Exercise Every Day
Can I increase the number of good bacteria in my intestines?
I'm not diabetic; should I be concerned about a high fasting blood sugar?

Reports: Chronic fatigue, glycemic index, excessive facial hair

May 14, 2006
Muscle Fatigue in Endurance Events Is Caused by Muscle Damage
Are statin drugs the best way to lower cholesterol?
Does marriage affect a man’s testosterone?

Reports: Ringing in ears, damaged knee cartilage, chest pain

May 7, 2006
Why Sled Dogs Have Such Great Endurance
What’s the best way to treat a stress fracture?
Will blood pressure drugs interfere with my running program?

Reports: Dry skin, weight loss teas, flat feet

April 30, 2006
Rests Between Intervals Should Not Be Too Short
How does exercise protect against memory loss?
Is calcium deficiency the most common cause of osteoporosis?
Should I throw away my Teflon cookware so I won't be poisoned by PFOA?

Reports: back pain, autoimmune diseases, hair analysis

April 16-23, 2006
Intense Exercise Treats and Prevents Diabetes
How old should a child be to start serious athletic training?
Do people who restrict salt have lower rates of heart attacks?

Reports: Staph in the nose, drugs for weight loss, dental fillings

April 9, 2006
Muscle Cramps in Endurance Events
Why are diabetics at such high risk for heart attacks?
Will training for a triathalon make me a better cyclist?

Reports: Heel pain, gall stones, how to jump higher

April 2, 2006
Aspirin Can Cause Hyponatremia
How can I get rid of the fat on my thighs?
Is baldness linked to heart attacks in women?

Reports: Snoring, fish and heart rate, hot flushes

March 26, 2006
Endurance Tests Predict Future Blood Pressure
Are we any closer to understanding the cause of prostate cancer?
What’s the connection between obesity and diabetes?

Reports: Exercise harms heart?, memory loss, low back pain

March 19, 2006
Warming Up and Stretching May Impair Performance in Competition
Should a diabetic or pre-diabetic eat fruits and root vegetables?
Does an enlarged heart always indicate serious problems?

Reports: tingling legs, carbonated drinks, pot effects

March 12, 2006
Cross-Transference Keeps You Strong While Injuries Heal
Should we change our diets based on the news
that low-fat diets don’t reduce cancers or heart attacks?
Why can’t older men and women compete as
effectively as when they were younger?

Reports: Protein and bones, yogurt, antibiotics for osteoarthritis

March 5, 2006
Low-Carbohydrate Diet Slows Time Trial
Should I use the special margarines that contain sterols?
What’s the most efficient way for a beginning weight lifter to become stronger?

Reports: Stress fractures, swollen feet and ankles, yo-yo dieting

February 26, 2006
Exercise and Diet Lower High Blood Pressure
Are the new drugs for rheumatoid arthritis safe?
Is there a connection between my fat belly, irregular periods and acne?

Reports: Massage, smoking and colon cancer, protein for muscles

February 19, 2006
Endurance Cyclists Must Strengthen Their Legs
Can I lower my LDL cholesterol too far?
I read that aspartame causes cancer; should I stop using it?

Reports: Low back pain, depression in women, soft drinks

February 12, 2006
Exercise Throughout Life Prevents Heart Attacks
Does drinking alcohol increase my risk for osteoporosis?
Are the low-carbohydrate diets the most healthful way to lose weight?

Reports: Yeast infections, resting heart rate, numbness or tingling

February 5, 2006
Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
Should a diabetic drink coffee?
Do lifestyle choices have much impact on cancer prevention?

Reports: Recovery heart rate, gall stones, blood pressure numbers

January 29, 2006
Intervals to Improve Endurance
Does belly fat increase heart attack risk in all ethnic groups?
Is Helicobacter the only cause of stomach ulcers?

Reports: Frequent urination, eye exercises, UTI's, warts

January 22, 2006
Why Exercise Is Essential for Diabetics and Pre-Diabetics
Is hydrolyzed soy the same as partially hydrogenated soybean oil?
Are there any new treatments for frequent urination at night?
Reports: Age spots, blood type, Economy Class Syndrome

January 15, 2006
Knee Injuries Are Forever
Why do I keep gaining weight every year?
Are beta blockers the best drugs for lowering blood pressure?
Reports: Shingles, ringing in the ears, fruit juice

January 8, 2006
Spinning Classes Make Vigorous Exercise Fun
What’s the latest on preventing Alzheimer’s disease?
Now that we have Viagra, is there any reason to be concerned about impotence?

January 1, 2006
Resolve to Get in Shape & Stay in Shape in 2006
Should I stock up on drugs for bird flu?
How does exercise make bones stronger?
Reports: Protein to build muscle, colds, detoxify your liver?


December 25, 2005
Hypothermia and Frostbite
I'm exercising; why can't I lose weight?
Will fasting before a big race improve my endurance?
Reports: Nuts for diabetics, belly fat, urinary tract infections

December 18, 2005
Knee Injuries Limit Future Athletic Activity
How can I keep from losing height as I age?
What foods are high in iodine?
Are soybeans healthful or unhealthful
Reports: Arthritis, exercise and insulin, vaginitis

December 11, 2005
Aging Robs You of Muscles
How is diabetes diagnosed?
Why is sorbitol used in candy and gum?
What do you look for when a person has unexplained weight loss?
Reports: Fungus cause stuffy nose?, short legs, cold hands

December 4, 2005
Dizziness in Exercisers
Will avoiding foods containing cholesterol return my cholesterol to normal?
Will exercising increase my chances of
needing joint replacement surgery when I'm older?

Recipe feature on clementines
Reports: Diet for diabetics, low back pain, anti-aging supplements

November 27, 2005
Get the Most From Your Warm-Up
Is regular tea as good for your heart as green tea?
Why do I need to nap every day?
Reports: Yogurt, skin creams, passive exercise devices

November 20, 2005
Chronic Muscle Aches Should Not Be Ignored
How can I tell if I have polycystic ovary
syndrome, and how is it treated?

Are cereals with gingko biloba worth the extra cost?
Reports: Coffee and blood sugar, penicilin allergy, thick toenails

November 13, 2005
Fit Youths Make Healthy Adults
Will cooling down after a hard workout help my muscles recover faster?
What's the difference between green and black olives?
Should I invest in a heart rate monitor?
Reports: Isometric exercise, canker sores, fried foods

November 6, 2005
Exercise Raises Growth Hormone Levels
Are oral hyaluronic acid supplements effective for joint pain?
Will a chocolate bar a day keep heart attacks away?
Why is my nose is always stuffed up, even though I don’t have a cold or hay fever?
Reports: BP in diabetics, yeast infections, fish for the heart

October 30, 2005
Cramps from Sports Drinks
Can I still expect to live longer than my parents?
Is there any relation between high cholesterol and cancer?

Reports: Women more likely to get autoimmune diseases; prostatitis; does weight training before puberty harm bones?

October 23, 2005
Exercise Choices for the Out-of-Shape
Do bone-strengthening medicines also prevent heart attacks?
Do you burn the same number of calories if you run or walk the same distance?

Reports: Age at menopause, added sugars, carbonation

October 16, 2005
Why a Fat Belly Increases Heart Attack Risk
Is arthritis genetic?
How can foods that contain partially hydrogenated oils claim "zero trans-fats"?
Featured recipes: Spaghetti Squash
Reports: Niacin for diabetics, Blood pressure, Full moon

October 9, 2005
Stretching Does Not Prevent Injuries
Should I limit caffeine?
Are low-carbohydrate diets safe?
Reports: Helicobacter Nobel Prize, Comfortable bike seat

October 2, 2005
How to Start an Exercise Program
Are antibiotics in animal feed harmful?
Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy?
Reports: Interpret your cholesterol numbers, added sugars, chest pain

September 25, 2005
Exercise For Arthritis
How does pepper cream relieve pain?
How can I tell which fats are healthful and which
are unhealthful?

Reports: low back pain, fatty liver, nasal polyps

September 18, 2005
Stress Does Not Increase Need for Vitamins
What's the best exercise program after a knee injury?
Should I get omega-3 fatty acids from plants or seafood?
Reports: Glycemic index, muscles reduce cancer risk, chelated minerals

September 11, 2005
Train or Rest Before a Major Race?
What features make a house more healthful?
How can I get rid of a side stitch?
Reports: Restless legs syndrome, garlic, body wrapping

September 4, 2005
Sports Injuries Can Be Explained with Bio-Mechanics
How can I overcome the sleepiness I always feel
after lunch?

Is T'ai Chi a good sport for seniors?
Reports: Coffee, Inherit diabetes, Alcohol and sports

August 28, 2005
What Causes Muscle Soreness?
Does blood pressure vary at different times of
the day?

What’s the best way to treat a pulled muscle?
Reports: Hypoglycemia; DASH diet; Exercise for arthritis

August 21, 2005
Hyponatremia Should Never Happen to You
How does milk turn sour?
Can a child with asthma compete in sports?
Reports: Bleeding gums; MAP; Sudden greying of the hair

August 14, 2005
Champion Athletes Are Born AND Made
How can I get the most out of my daily walks?
Is it better to eat one or two large meals or many
small ones?

Reports: Excessive sweating; Dizziness; Mycoplasma

August 7, 2005
How to Strengthen Your Heart
Does everyone need to drink eight glasses of water a day?
Why are some men so much more aggressive
than others?

Reports: Leg cramps; Polycystic ovary syndrome; Fungus toenails

July 31, 2005
High Blood Pressure and Lifestyle
What's the best treatment for elbow pain?
Do supplements that are supposed to make you grow taller work?

July 24, 2005
Slow Lifting
Are colon cleansers necessary for good health?
Will a teen's exercise help her bones stay strong when
she’s sixty?

July 17, 2005
How Lack of Exercise Shortens Lives
Why do some people develop allergies while others don't?
I’ve heard that cooking destroys nutrients. Would
it be better to eat only raw foods?

July 10, 2005
Arches and Running Injuries
More on High Fructose Corn Syrup
Why are bicycle helmets so important?
Will riding a stationary bicycle for 30
minutes every day be enough to make me fit?

July 3, 2005
Should You Restrict Salt?
Is rope jumping a good exercise for fitness?
How can I keep from losing brain power as I get older?
Reports: Glucosamine; Pre-Diabetes; Recovery after workout

June 26, 2005
You Should Never Get Heat Stroke
What's normal for muscle soreness after a workout?
Are barbequed foods dangerous?
Reports: Total body scans; Inflammation; Facial hair

June 19, 2005
Hit a Punching Bag for Fitness
Is it true that iceberg lettuce is completely devoid
of nutrition?

I'm exhausted after ten minutes of aerobic dancing; is there any point in continuing with the class?
Reports: Prostatitis; Eye exercises; Restless legs

June 12, 2005
How Does Fatigue Affect Your Strength?
Are monoglycerides and diglycerides the same as
trans fats?

I'm too skinny; how can I gain weight?
Reports: Fluoride; Warts; Radon

June 5, 2005
Why Weight Lifters Need Endurance
What could cause constant itching?
Is homocysteine a cause of heart attacks in women?
Are whole grains too high in calories?
Reports: Growth hormone for short children; Jellyfish stings; Irritable bowel syndrome

May 29, 2005
Who Wins Bodybuilding Contests?
Is it possible to get too much iron in supplements?
How can I get rid of cellulite on my thighs?
Reports: Kleptomania; Tonsils; Booze blockers

May 22, 2005
Cooling Down After a Workout
Should you peel fruit to get rid of wax on the skins?
Why would an athlete have high triglycerides?
Can special shampoos treat baldness?
Reports: Anti-aging products; Gas; Good breads(?)

May 15, 2005
Anabolic Steroids Make You Stronger, but At What Cost?
How should I use the incline feature on my

How can I tell if I am getting enough vitamin D?
What are the best types of beans?

May 8, 2005
Don't Wear or Carry Weights When You Exercise
Will potassium supplements keep me from getting tired?
Can eye exercises improve vision?
Reports: Flesh-eating bacteria; Comfortable bike seat; Bad breath

May 1, 2005
Aspirin Does Not Improve Athletic Performance
What is fractionated oil?
Does bicycling weaken bones?
Is sea salt better than table salt?
Reports: Heartburn; Stretching; Trans Fats

April 24, 2005
Exercisers Can Prevent Blisters
Is there any way to grow taller after puberty?
Can my cholesterol be too low?
Reports: Cooked vegetables; Liver health products; Hives

April 17, 2005
Knee Replacement Surgery
Do the products to get rid of fat while you sleep really work?
When you stop exercising, do your muscles will
turn into fat?

Reports: Sugar cravings, Feeding kids, Does cycling raise PSA?

April 10, 2005
Late-Night Exercise Does Not Disturb Sleep
Are saunas healthful?
Can antioxidants improve memory?
Reports: E. coli syndrome, Foods for bones, Belly fat

April 3, 2005
Preparing For Baseball
Will hard exercise cause an early menopause?
Should I avoid fructose in fruits?
How can I prepare for a 100-mile bike ride?
Reports: White spots, Ringing in ears, Energy bars

March 27, 2005
Why Cross Country Causes Injuries
Are fructose-sweetened sports drinks better?
I'm diabetic; is fructose the best sugar for me?
Reports: Hair loss in women, Fever, Addictive foods

March 20, 2005
Prevention of Athletic Injuries
What can I do about shin pain while training for a triathalon?
Is it better to take off or go easy on the days after a hard workout?
Reports: Mood and colds, Zinc and prostate cancer, Nuts

March 13, 2005
Sugar Before Exercise?
Is it safe to use a hot tub in a hotel or health club?
What’s the best exercise for the heart AND muscles?
Reports: Eat like a caveman, Depression in women, Spot reduction

March 6, 2005
Do You Burn More Calories in Hot or Cold Weather?
What causes dark facial hair on a woman?
Can I exercise after donating blood?
Reports: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), Healthful recipe guidelines

February 27, 2005
Interval Training
Why do runners wear such skimpy shorts?
What's the best time to do stretches?

February 20, 2005
Salt for Sports
Should I exercise when I have a cold or the flu?
Does vinegar cause weight loss?
Reports: Allergens, Herpes, Hand washing

February 13, 2005
Background and Peaking
Will exercising without a bra cause breasts to sag?
Will boron build stronger muscles?
Reports: Chronic fatigue syndrome, Recovery pulse rate, Insulin resistance and exercise

February 06, 2005
Eating For Endurance
What if I can't shower after exercise?
Why would I have chest pain when I carry
something heavy, but not at any other time?

Reports: Acrylamide, Peyronie's disease, Osteoporosis can cause pain

January 30, 2005
Hypothermia and Frostbite
I have varicose veins. Should I wear elastic
stockings while I ride my bike?

How can I avoid overtraining?
Reports: Side stitches, Vinegar, Whole grains to prevent diabetes

January 23, 2005
Exercise and Fever
I’ve been running on a treadmill for several
months. Why am I still having a hard time climbing stairs?

Are nutrients lost if you drain canned beans? Does rinsing them help to reduce flatulence?
How hard do I need to exercise to become fit?
Reports: Sleep apnea, Flesh-eating bacteria, Burn fat

January 16, 2005
Cold Wind in Your Face Can Cause Chest Pain
How can I keep my feet from
swelling when I have to stand for a long time?

Will drinking lots of water while I eat help me to
lose weight?

January 9, 2005
Awkward Running Form
Will fasting before a big event improve

How can I motivate my spouse to

Reports: Evolution, Bedwetting, Muscle cramps

January 2, 2005
Prepare for Skiing
Why isn't my exercise program causing weight loss?
How can I cope with exercise-induced asthma?
Reports: Early puberty, Nitroglycerin ointment, Baldness and diet


December 19, 2004
New Theory on Lactic Acid
How can I exercise with severe arthritis?
How many miles should I run each week to prepare for a marathon?

Reports: Power bars, glycemic load, breast feed to prevent diabetes

December 12, 2004
High Blood Pressure During Exercise
Why do bicycle seats have to be so uncomfortable?
Does it make any difference what kind of food I eat during a long race?

Reports: Infertility, foods for arthritis pain, radon

December 5, 2004
Jogging for Fitness
Is food more fattening at night than in the

Does a child with flat feet need special shoes?
Reports: Antibiotics, body scans, polycystic ovary syndrome, chlamydia tests

November 28, 2004
Most People Can Eat Just Before They Exercise
What's the best way to treat dry skin?
Is it safe for children to lift weights before
they even reach their teens?

Reports: Panic attacks, breast enlargement products, numbness or tingling

November 21, 2004
Miles Don’t Make Great Runners
What’s the best sport for overall fitness?
Will exercise harm a person with varicose veins?
Reports: Diet to change BP, Impotence in diabetics, antidepressants

November 14, 2004
How to Avoid Running Out of Blood Sugar
Can massage help to prevent muscle soreness?
How can you tell if a mole is cancerous?
Will cutting out carbohydrates prevent diabetes?
Reports: DOMS, Skin cancer, pre-diabetics

November 6, 2004
It’s Normal to Sweat More After Exercising
How can I increase my walking speed without getting injured?
Is there any treatment for bad breath that’s not just a cover-up?
Report: Juicer claims, BP drug side effects, ruptured disk

October 31, 2004
Benefits of Weight Training
Will exercise-induced asthma keep a teen from competing in sports at school?
What are the best foods to eat before an
important race?

Reports: Dry mouth, dry eyes; vasectomy or tubal ligation?; mitral valve prolapse

October 24, 2004
Faster Running Improves Performance in Many Sports
Is a dusty house unhealthy?
Does creatine build large muscles?
Reports: Fitness and sexuality, addictive foods, monkeypox

October 17, 2004
How to Become Strong in Thirty Minutes a Week
How can I correct chronic constipation?
Why do some types of exercise seem to cause more muscle soreness than others?
Reports: Alcohol and sports, eat like a caveman?, water

October 10, 2004
Competitive Athletes’ Tips for Your Training Program
Will muscles turn into fat?
I'm flabby; how can I tone up and become less jiggly?
What causes hot flushes at menopause?
Reports: Walking, late-onset asthma, colonics

October 3, 2004
How to Eat When You Exercise
I feel tired all the time; will iron pills help?
Why do I get goosebumps?
Reports: Hot flushes, fasting, protein for weight lifters

September 26, 2004
Vigorous Exercise Helps to Prevent Osteoporosis
Do competitive athletes have a greater chance
of developing arthritis than non-athletes?

How does pepper cream relieve pain?
Reports: Testosterone for older men, cellulite, impotence in diabetics

September 19, 2004
High Blood Pressure and Weight Lifting
Is iceburg lettuce devoid of nutritional value?
Does washing hands really prevent colds?
What's the best exercise to get rid of a fat belly?
Reports: Dental amalgams, burning on urination, poison ivy

September 12, 2004
How to Avoid Overtraining
Does yawning serve any useful function?
How much weight should I gain during pregnancy?
Reports: Calcium supplements, sweating, allergy shots

September 5, 2004
Cross-Training for Fitness
Will potassium supplements treat tiredness?
How can I keep from losing height as I age?
Reports: Gold pills, migraine headaches, gelatin for nails

August 29, 2004
Runner’s Knee
Does oat bran prevent heart attacks?
How can I get rid of chronic sore throats in our family?
Reports: Cholesterol numbers, breast enlargement, glucosamine

August 22, 2004
Lifting Weights Won’t Make You Musclebound
Should I be concerned about raising my growth hormone levels?
What’s the proper way to pedal a bicycle?
Reports: Allergens, herpes, polycystic ovary syndrome

August 15, 2004
Rotator Cuff Injuries
How can I get rid of the cellulite on my thighs?
I'm walking every day; why aren't I losing weight?
Reports: Prostate cancer linked to diabetes, omega-3s, heat stroke

(Note: No e-zines were published between July 4 and August 15, 2004)

July 4, 2004
Late-Night Exercise Does Not Disturb Sleep
How do the bone-strengthening medications work?
How important is the slope-adjustment feature on a treadmill?
Reports: Creatine, de-gas beans, phytochemicals

June 27, 2004
Should You Exercise in Air Pollution?
Why is it worse to have a fat stomach than fat hips?
How can I tell if my heart rate is too fast?

Reports: Nasal polyps, echinacea, children in sports

June 20, 2004
Pigeon Toes Make Fast Runners
What can I do about intestinal gas?
Does bicycling weaken bones?

Reports: Sleepy after eating, antibiotics for arthritis, yoyo dieting

June 13, 2004
Temperature During Exercise
How can I make my exercise bike more comfortable?
Does coffee prevent diabetes?

Reports: Blood pressure and heart attack risk, scars, neckties

June 6, 2004
A Pain in the Butt (Piriformis Syndrome)
What's the nutritional difference between green and dry beans?
Do fitness programs at work pay off?

Reports: Prostate cancer screening, progesterone creams, root vegetables

May 30, 2004
Get the Most from your Warm-Up Time
Does microwaving foods destroy nutrients?
How can a couple exercise together without frustration?

Reports: Herpes, arthritis, baldness

May 23, 2004
Duration of Rest in Interval Training
Are drugs necessary to lower cholesterol?
My life is stressful; should I take extra vitamins?

Reports: Acid reflux, fat belly, calcium, low thyroid

May 16, 2004
The Hard_Easy Principle of Training
Is honey more healthful than sugar?
Should my toddler have ear tubes inserted?

Reports: Constipation, resistant bacteria, PSA

May 9, 2004
Achilles Tendinitis
Should I get vitamin B12 injections to treat pernicious anemia?
Am I doomed to become a diabetic?

Reports: Hair loss in women, Coenzyme Q10, hemorrhoids

May 2, 2004
How to Jump Higher
What is Syndrome X?
Should I use sea salt instead of iodized table salt?

Reports: Colon cleansers, blisters, margarine, caffeine

April 25, 2004
Exercise Does Not Damage Heart Muscle
How can I prevent blisters on a long run?
Should I take iron supplements?

Reports: Typhoid Mary, prostatitis, steroids

April 18, 2004
Isometric Exercises
Are antibiotics useful in treating Alzheimer’s disease?
How can high blood pressure be lowered just with diet?

Reports: Food additives, ringing in ears, tonsils and adenoids

April 11, 2004
How to Train for a Marathon
Should I avoid monoglycerides and diglycerides?
Is there any way to get rid of dark blotches on my skin?

Reports: High cholesterol genetic?, vitamin D deficiency, TV and weight

April 4, 2004
Resting Heart Rate
What's difference in size between a pound of muscle and a pound of fat?
Will “carb blocker” pills help me to lose weight?
Is caffeine addicting?

Reports: Chronic hives, pills to replace vegetables, chewing tobacco, vag burining

March 28, 2004
Sit-Ups to Make Your Belly Stronger
Why is baldness so much more common in men than in women?
Is there any way to prevent painful leg cramps in the middle of the night?

Reports: Stage fright, most common complaint, detoxify your liver

March 21, 2004
Cortisone Injections Into Joints
Can a high-protein diet can cause osteoporosis?
Should I wear socks with running shoes?

Reports: Infertility, colon cleansers, depression and heart attacks

March 14, 2004
Preventing Sports Injuries
Is my big toenail thick and yellow because of fungus?
Is potassium deficiency a common problem in athletes?

Reports: Fibromyalgia, wrinkles, white spots on skin

February 29, 2004
Comparing Cycling With Running
Is there any way to prevent stress fractures?
What's the best way to gain weight if you're too skinny?

Reports: Artificial sweeteners, calcium supplements, prolonging life

February 22, 2004
Salt When You Exercise
Will HDL injections cure blocked arteries?
Which causes more heart attacks, shoveling snow or breathing cold air?

Reports: Diet and PMS, athlete's foot, laquer for warts or toenail fungus

February 15, 2004
Carbohydrate Plus Protein Increases Endurance
Does bed rest speed recovery from a cold or flu?
Should I seek out foods containing fructose?

Reports: Triglycerides, mycoplasma, diagnosing diabetes

February 8, 2004
Cold Hands May Be Raynaud’s Phenomenon
Should I drink water while exercising?
I have not had a period in almost a year; should I be concerned?

Reports: Overactive thyroid, homeopathic remedies, lactobacillus

February 1, 2004
Stronger Muscles Can Improve Coordination
Are people who take supplements healthier than those who don’t?
What's the best way to treat recurrent bladder infections?

Reports: Constipation, foods that trigger migraines, butter vs margerine

January 25, 2004
Intensity of Workout Determines Recovery Time
How reliable are the health claims on food labels?
Why is watching a lot of television harmful to health?

Reports: Early puberty, Gilbert's disease, skin cancer

January 18, 2004
Stronger Legs Make Longer Strides
How does the DASH diet lower blood pressure?
Do the fat-blocker products work?

Reports: Accutane, chronic cough, burning feet

January 11, 2004
Lower Weights for Greatest Strength Gains
Are there any vitamins or minerals that help to control diabetes?
Do the machines that stimulate muscles with electricity cause you to lose weight?

Reports: Nuts, wheat intolerance, PCOS and infertility

January 4, 2004
Don't Run if Your Back Hurts
Why do we get fevers?
Is there any alternative to drugs for lowering cholesterol?

Reports: Deformed toenails, hepatitis, alcohol for diabetics

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